About us

Smart's mission is to transform retirement, savings and financial wellbeing, across all generations, around the world

Our investors include J.P. Morgan and Legal & General – two of the world’s biggest financial services companies.

We’re one of the largest workplace pension providers in the UK, operating a master trust scheme for hundreds of thousands of members.

Where we’ve come from

Smart was founded in 2014 by Andrew Evans and Will Wynne.

They brought together their financial and technological expertise with the goal of making pension auto enrolment simple. Smart Pension was born and our first customer joined in 2015. (Hello to that fishmonger in Newbury!)

Since then we’ve helped tens of thousands of businesses set up their workplace pension schemes. We’ve also expanded our product range for pension scheme members, employers and intermediaries.

We invest with some of the largest UK funds

We invest your money in funds managed by Legal & General.

Each fund is designed to meet a specific investment goal - whether that’s keeping up with inflation or growing your money so you have more later in retirement.

We believe pensions should be better

We are a leading pension provider in the UK and we’re working on being the best choice for any employer, of any size

Pensions can be complex and the industry is slow to innovate. We take a different approach – by putting our customers first and helping them have better understanding and control of their finances.

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We’re here to help

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