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Smart Retire


Retire your way

Smart Retire is a tool you can use to plan your retirement income in advance, and manage it once you get there.

You can:

  • get a regular income for some or all of your retirement
  • put money aside to access when you need
  • take 25% as tax-free cash when you join
  • use our investment strategies to help your money grow
  • adapt the plan as much as you want as your needs change
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How it works

You divide your savings into up to four pots which combine a regular income throughout retirement, while having money aside if you need it.
Your money is invested while you wait to use it. All investments are overseen by our board of trustees, while the Smart Retire dashboard shows you what’s going on with your money and lets you move money between the pots whenever you like.
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To join Smart Retire you need to:
  • be a member of Smart Pension

  • be at least 55 years old

Smart Retire might not be for you if you:
  • want to choose your own investment funds

  • use a Shariah fund

  • use a specialised environmental, social and governance (ESG) investment fund

  • can take more than 25% of your pension as a tax-free lump sum

  • are in serious ill health

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