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Smart Retire


Retire your way

Everyone’s financial needs will be different in retirement. And those needs can change as you move through your retirement journey. That's why we've created Smart Retire, as part of the Smart Pension Master Trust.

Smart Retire lets you blend different options to provide flexibility and security throughout retirement.

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Blend options to meet your goals

Smart Retire is a flexible, cost-effective way to combine different options to provide an income in retirement.

Easy to use

Plan your income

It’s simple to make withdrawals or change how much you receive

Everything in one place

At a glance check your pension savings and how long your income could last

Manage your money

Easily move your money between your income and savings pots

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Apply in three simple steps

Discover how you could combine your retirement options with Smart Retire.

We’re here to help

Have a question about Smart Retire? Our friendly UK-based team is here to help.

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